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AMERICAN DRIVER         $7800

Weight: 1450 lbs
Length: 51 in
Height: 45 in
Width: 30 in
Various cup sizes, can drive from rail road ties to well pipe.  This driver will not split or mushroom top your posts. Still have great visability with the grapple option.

POST PULLER                $2300

MULTIPLE USES: Pulls wood post, steel posts, and smaller trees. Rock spikes available to dig rocks.  Can put a hitch receiver on it to also haul equipment.

WIRE WINDER            $7100

Weight: 1150
Height: 4 ft
Width: 5ft
Length: 7 ft

BUNK SWEEP           $3100

Weight: 350 lbs
Height: 30 in
Width: 42 in
Length: 5 ft

Hydraulically unloads and loads, woven, multiple barbed wire. Excelent for fence clean up and tear out.  Can roll up to a half mile of wire.



Removes ice, rocks, snow and wet left-over feed.  Pivots left or right with a pull of a pin.  Adjustable for any size bunks.


Hydraulicly folds 8'-18' wide. 6' tall. Extended mounting plate for easy skid steer access. 

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